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Paris Evergreen Medical Group is not the only one rewarding doctors for providing quality services.
Many Paris Evergreen Medical Group private payers also provide incentives. I found that many payers reward doctors for obtaining PCMH certification. The Medical Group Management Association recently provided some statistics for comparing Paris Evergreen Medical Group's reimbursement with non-PCMH reimbursement. The growth comes from various payers, but currently does not include CMS. The data shows that although the overall overall operating cost of medical homes is higher than that of non-medical homes-US6.54 and US.98 per patient, respectively
The rewards of becoming a PCMH certification or signing a contract with ACO may be very substantial.
Let us understand each one more deeply.Patient-centered medical homes are designated by authorized agencies to achieve their key goals set for physicians. For example, one of the goals of the National Quality Assurance Committee (NCQA) is that doctors focus on population-level health measures in practice. There are many different certification agencies, but apart from NCQA, there are three other nationally recognized agencies-Dynamic Healthcare Certification Association, Joint Committee and URAC. According to "Medical Economics", each institution focuses on the key concepts of certification:
Key index




·Comprehensive treatment of patients


·Provide patients with extensive contacts with providers



·· Provide team-based care



·· Effectively coordinate care with other providers



··Focus on quality and safety



··Let patients take care of themselves

• A large enough population to attract enough patients: I have not seen any research on this issue,
but I believe that you should have no serious problems with medical activities in any urban area with a population of one million. You will be the only one The concierge doctor of the group. This standard must be modified according to the wealth of the area, local industries and businesses, the availability of education and entertainment facilities, and the average income of the population.Paris Evergreen Medical Group to the current scarcity of concierge doctors, in the next decade, patient competition should not be a problem for this population.
• Professional competition: You can easily find various resources on the Internet that provide this information.
For example, an informal one-year summary of survey results related to the concierge drug market was published.